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FULL MOON coming
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Friday, March 12, 2010

I Need You

The Bass song hook "I need you, that's what I want" blared through the speaker's woofers. The beat crisp and clear, the melody simple but catchy. The music is turned up as if it were serving as a surrogate on behalf of the listener and it's companion. They both bop their necks, and shake their heads left to right. "Yeah, that's what I'm talk'n bout" (barely audible) comes out of the lips. One looks to the other to see if they are both "feeling it." They are.

Amazing how music can communicate words and feelings simultaneously. You can actually hear one set of words and feel an entirely different set.
Let's explore another example. Marvin Gaye croons "Let's Get It On" loudly in the dorm room. They are there anxiously anticipating what the night might bring. Marvin's words seem to have a soothing yet sensual effect on both of them. He is relieved because he could not find courage to say the words to express his desires. She is happy because she did not have to endure the verbal banter of confirming her desire to be with him. He begins to sing along with Marvin, as she pats her foot or bounces her leg at the knee (you know how young ladies cross their legs but are able to kick the top one like a reflex reaction). Gaye says it all with background instruments to further set the mood. As they engage one another you can almost hear the song resonating in their heads. A timid kiss soon turns into passion. Passion evolves into intimacy all because Marvin Gaye made a simple suggestion.

This may seem to simplify human behavior to a low degree, or over credit the effect of music. Certainly humans are capable of expressing themselves without the aid of music. Surely musicians are not responsible for influencing the individual acts of many. However, the combination of convenience and confidence level with music, make for some well received options.

I'm glad because "when I get this feeling...I need sexual healing baby. Come on, come on, come on, come on, come on, let's make love tonight..cause you do it right." Marvin provided an avenue for my parents to create me.

Music, woman, friend, lover, "I need you..that's what I want."

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  1. You are at your best with prose. It is a gift to speak to people directly and shoot straight from the hip/ straight no chaser. If only you can be so concise and direct in conversation......you would save us all so much time...lol. Good writing Pimpin.