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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Life Is Simple

Individuals have to search for their personal legend like Santiago in "The Alchemist." We all do.

I have learned that I don't know much. The more I think I know the less I actually do. "Understanding" is something that can't be taught, it only comes through personal experiences.

I used to believe in "good and/or bad experiences." When the "why is/did this happen" question was unknown, it would seriously disturb every element of my existence. As a result, life was very turbulent. Very little peace of mind, comfort in spirit was absent, and physical discomfort prevailed constantly.

Shame, a primary tool of the opposite of God, guided my thoughts, words and actions. My seeking validation thru others acceptance of my choices and opinions, was a complete and extensive waste of my energy. When other humans disappointed me (inevitable), I was affected in a major way. The same was true for me when I did the disappointing. The truth of the matter is, people are put on earth for the purpose of serving and helping other people.

Facts can't be disputed, principles are everlasting, and opinions vary. Two plus two will always be four, that is a fact. If something falls, "Gravity" determines how fast, that is a principle. What I think and believe is an opinion.

Knowledge is power, but understanding is key. Sometimes others can't understand, it's not their time to. I've often heard the phrase "I can't believe...," that's because we come to believe (over time and thru experiences). I don't understand God not because I don't know Him, because I'm still experiencing Him.

The reason that true or false questions and statements that contain the word "never" are false, is that anything is possible depending on circumstances and situations. Maturity teaches me to judge not nor say "I would never do" (fill in the blank with whatever action you want). Youth synonymous with immaturity, can't possibly know because particular situations and circumstances have not been presented yet.

Ignorance is the absence of knowledge and understanding. That's why it is imperative for me to be open to continually learning, and supports why I can not say "I have arrived."

Life is a journey, not a destination. Therefore, when I embrace the principle that all that life presents me is necessary, and don't get engrossed in the feelings associated with the moment, I can cope better. When the moments and associated feelings change, (and it will, it always does) I need to adjust. No need to resist the moment. All attempts at fighting reality are futile. Life will present me a full spectrum of experiences. Those that I welcome as well as those I shun.

Making decisions is a constant requirement in life. Decisions can only be made by an individual. Seeking input from others is a natural desire and can be part of the process, but my decisions are mine to own because the consequences (all of them) are mine to bare. My bed of roses or my bed of nails, direct results of my decisions.

Once I accept these facts and apply these principles, I can free myself from others affecting how I feel or think about my life.

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