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Sunday, March 14, 2010

You Just Lost One

"I can't believe it! How could this be?" Feelings of disgust, denial and disappointment overtake the feeling of security of knowing I have it. Loss is always against personal will or desire. It is usually inconvenient and has terrible timing. It doesn't matter what is lost or when it occurs during a lifetime. One thing about loss, it never happens at an opportune time. Sometimes loss is not even recognized until much later than it happened, and it's not a good feeling.
Children lose toys, realizing it at the time they need them to play. Losing house keys during one of the most memorable blizzards in the history of Chicago, meant the storm had to be endured for many hours until Mom arrived home from work. Lost a Mickey Mouse watch while in Elementary School, and didn't get another watch until College. These types of experiences teach an individual how to keep up with tangible items.
Later in life the loss of a loved one, like a grandmother whom is still missed dearly, rocks your boat. The loss list includes intimate friendships and much more. Losing a source of income, or suffering the loss of a significant other from a heartbreak can be a lot to deal with too. Losing money, either innocently, due to negligence, or from gambling is very difficult to accept. Makes one dig deep to get through it.
All losses are painful and hard to endure. Losing anything seems like the worst thing in the world at that time. Over the course of life, one learns that many of the losses served a greater purpose and impart important life lessons. How to overcome, how to cope, how to move on, and what not to do are some of the lessons that come to mind. Immersion in feeling miserable, anger, sadness, depression, hopelessness, and irritation provides no benefits, even though much energy is often dedicated to them.
Accepting loss as a necessary part of life is the only way to feeling serenity, or peace of mind. Most often, there is nothing that can be done to change the situation, and lamenting over it supplies no relief. Time does heal the wound. Eventually, one realizes that the Creator does not allow anything to happen that doesn't work out for the benefit of those that love Him. This faith can sustain you through some of the most difficult periods in life. In other words, everything happens for a reason. Please note that this faith will be tested in the future as well. One day all come to understanding this truth through experiencing the words in the song by Laryn Hill, "you just lost one." Life will happen, and life goes on, so must you.

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  1. You have the makings of a motivational writer.....a self help guru. I think that continued growth will allow you to fulfill your life's mission. The world needs a word from you.