FULL MOON coming

FULL MOON coming
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Thursday, March 4, 2010

This Life

This life is full of joy and laughter.
In This life I'm going after not brown, but greener pastures.
This life, not the next one after, is here, not the hereafter.
This life really does matter, I can't go any faster.
This life is all I have, even if I wish for more, This life gives me what is in the store.
No Costco or Sam's Club sizes, no reprieves and I realizes,
Just enough to take me on a journey of exercises.
In This life Gaga (my grandmother) advises, that her words are real and always the wisest.
One day will I not fight, or struggle to do what is right? Succumb to knowledge and wisdom, I might.
In this life you can not only imagine, but you must enter into the pageant.
Plenty of auditions for roles I hate, the life I'd rather love than hate.
Then love comes and shakes shit up.
Why me, I ask, and what the fuck?
I hate the fact I feel this way, like Pac wishin for better days, wishin shit was goin my way.
Wish I didn't even care, if with her my life and immortality I share.
Not talkin about my nine or even a gun, but my soul mate who is far from a nun.
A Priest I've never been. Even though my words may touch the spirit within.
One day faith will overcome my fright. I'll walk tall and shine the light. On a journey I learn I must go, to learn and share what I already know.
The burning sands will always remain a metaphor, of how to stand the rain and complain no more.
When I reach the golden shores, pain and pleasure I will know much more.
What will I do when I face the decision of truth versus saving face? Who will say what they would do when desire and temptation both roll thru, I can only pray for God's grace.
I am strong hoping the weight is not more than I anticipate. My resolve and lack of limitations working on my hate. Wondering in spite of all, will I see heaven's gate?
You might live the life I live, giving all you have to give. Wondering if good acts will balance the trials I failed and challenges on which I bailed.
Will you give up, throw in the towel and quit? Or dig down deep and figure out how and like Nike, to "Just do it"

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