FULL MOON coming

FULL MOON coming
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Friday, March 12, 2010

You Make (Real Love)

You make me say owh
You make me figure out how
To be a better man
Give life the best that I can
You make me want to show
The world and all who I know
Precisely who I am
What they think, not giving a damn
You make me do things
Only passion could bring
Out the best in me
Something special for you to see
You make feel grand
Alone I can stand
Proud and tall
Tell em to "bring it y'all"
You make want to say
In the most compassionate way
How much I feel
This love is so real
Mary J sings a song, "Real Love" is the title
Speaks to my heart like verses in the Bible
You make me feel so good
Sound in mind and body, and should
I ever not feel this way
"Something is wrong" I will say
You make things all right
Like the calm from a bad dream in the night
You make me wish
I had one more kiss
You make me come alive
You make my heart thrive
You make everyday
Very special in some way
You make me complete
You make my heart beat
To the sound of love
A gift from the One above
You make things feel right
Like rhythmic heartbeats in the night
You make us stand tall
You make me look forward to Fall
So we can cuddle during cold nights
Not wanting and feeling right
You make us look good
Like real love should
You make us one
Like a beautiful day with the sun
You make the world seem right
You make, you make it so tight
You make your own way
Regardless of what others say
You make life worth living
You make me enjoy giving
Myself, my love, my all
You make big things seem small
You make everything
Like a verse from a favorite song I sing
To love and behold,
Is like following a rainbow, and finding gold.

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