FULL MOON coming

FULL MOON coming
Reflections & Perspectives

Sunday, October 24, 2010


There always seems to be a part in an action movie where the character must face a seemingly perilous decision: the road is filled with hazards and obstacles, moments of rest and haven, but the chase ultimately picks up again. Running from here to there finally reaching a point where the road runs out. They end up standing on a cliff. Looking back realizing that retreat is not an option. The anxiety builds while one’s mind experiences the battle between the fear that keeps you rooted in place, and the faith that enables the willingness in you to LEAP.
Sometimes in the face of uncertainty everything seems grave. You cannot imagine a logical way out of your predicament. These are moments you dig deep within your belief system and commit to LEAP towards your destiny. One thing is for certain we cannot undo the actions of our journey to this point. We can use the confidence gained from past experiences to know we can go on.
For some people when you say LEAP they think about a “Leap of Faith;” Faith that your situation is governed by a Supreme Being. One who has ultimate power over people, places and things.
For others, when you say LEAP they think about overcoming adversities and seemingly overwhelming obstacles. Situations like single parenthood, racism, physical handicaps, learning disorders, homelessness, physically and sexually abused children, loss of loved ones. Famous persons come to mind like Rosa Parks, Jesse Owens, Oprah Winfrey, and Chris Gardner.
Then I think of those who decided they would LEAP for an even greater cause than themselves. Young adults and teen-agers in Northern-California, who started the Black Panther movement. They ignited the willingness in blacks, particularly young black men to LEAP; to face uncertainty and paths not trodden before. This movement leaped across the nation from California to New York. Later evolving to form organizations that currently influence many of our youth today. No car or plane could take them. This journey was theirs and theirs only.
We each have our own journey and face decisions that currently affect where we are at this moment in time. Now is the time for me to face my new uncertainty. Standing before times that I have never faced before, no u-turns allowed, I must go forward and explore the possibilities of taking that LEAP.