FULL MOON coming

FULL MOON coming
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Thursday, February 10, 2011

So Real

Wanted to write some words with a little edge
Say something profound that would make you pat your leg
Hit you with jazzy verbs and classy nouns
Use some real descriptive adjectives to show you how I get down
Trying real hard just to impress
Almost forgetting what it is I can do best

Just let if flow, and tell the truth
Stop worrying about them and be the authentic you
Words from my heart go straight to that place
Popping off at the mouth usually put a foot in my face

Here it is in honor of the day
We celebrate life in a magnificent way
The joy of a bond between a woman and a man
They didn't know it then, but it was all in God's perfect plan
Created a life that would change the world
A special being was gifted was gifted in the form of the baby girl

Her name would be unique strong and firm
As time unfolds she would come to learn
The essence of life, way more than an egg meets a sperm
To fulfill her dreams and amazing goals to pursue
To help a ready soul and bring out the best in you
To love as hard as heartbreak allows
Then love even harder, like a parent does a child

Go places most wouldn't dare
Live life with no worry or care
Leave fear behind and face uncertainties
Trust and believe in the Supreme Being most importantly
Her destiny is still being revealed
But the manifestation she represents is ever so real

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