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FULL MOON coming
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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

It's So Hard

It's So Hard

It's so hard to say goodbye
Like in the movie Cooley High
Did Cochise really have to die?

A popular rap song claims,
It's so hard just to get by
So we get high

It's so hard to suffer and not know why
It's so hard to watch a grown person cry

It's so hard to keep the prize in my eye
When hard times seem to keep pouring from the sky

It's so hard to believe I can fly
When circumstances tell me that's a lie

It's so hard to know I didn't try
To do my best and not let the moment pass me by

It's so hard to be honest and not be sly
When it seems easier to be awry

It's so hard to not be that guy
The one my ego won't let lie

It's even harder to tell to I
That I can change if I really try!

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