FULL MOON coming

FULL MOON coming
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Monday, October 29, 2012

His Time, His Way

His Time, His Way!

His time, Why not mine?
His way, it's perfect for everyday
I ask the question "why?"
Often I pray
for the will of my
Believe it happens for a reason,
Yeah, I try
Yet, I keep asking "why?"

When situations come to pass
"Why me Lord?"
That's what I ask
When tribulations come my way
"Not now Lord" is what I say
Sometimes I pray
"please, please, not today"
Then I'm reminded
His time, His way

His way, this I know
Is like the pot-o-gold
At the end of the rainbow

Joseph was sold by his brothers to slavery
and was later jailed
Spent time with the Baker
Who to Pharoh would tell
I know a man who can interpret dreams
And because of that
Today, Egypt is still rich it seems

Job lost his land, cattle, wealth and more
His body was covered
with boils and sores
Friends told him
to curse his God and die
Yet Job's faith in the Master,
he would not deny
After time it came to pass
God rewarded Job's faith
with his previous possessions surpassed

One more thought
on His time and way
Reminds me of
the present day
The descendant of a slave
is President of the U.S.A.
- marc4real

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Never Ignorant Getting Goals Accomplished (N.I.G.G.A.)

N - never think I know it all, always seeking knowledge wisdom and getting understanding most of all

I - ignorant it's not bliss, that's a myth, believe this

G - getting all that life has to offer, steadily adding to my coffer

G - goals continually must be set, a must for success, on this you can bet

A - accomplished the desired results at the end of the days, and feel great in so many ways

Never Ignorant Getting Goals Accomplished that's a N.I.G.G.A. That's what I'd rather be
like my man 2Pac used to say

- marc4real

Let The....

Let the righteous be right
So their prayers will accomplish much tonight

Let the goodness be good
So mercy and grace can come to the hood

Let the protectors protect
So children have more than killers and hustlers to respect

Let the teachers teach
So that important lessons about life to our people reach

Let the preachers preach (reach)
Not from fancy pulpits, but where the people are, in the streets

Let the lovers love
Demonstrate to mankind the truth from above

Let the leaders be led
By their hearts, spirits and souls, not their heads

Let the readers read and discern the truth about what they hear
Stand on faith and not live by fear

Let the speakers speak
Let the players play
Let the parents be apparent
Let the workers be at work
Let the healers heal
Let the writers be accuwrite
Let the poets be profetic
Let the educators be educated
Let the politics be polite

Let the righteous be right
So their prayers will accomplish much tonight

- marc4real

Sunday, August 12, 2012

I See You

I see you in my dreams
Churning and turning, like we're making icecream

I see you in my thoughts
Lusting and loving the good and our faults

I see you overcoming struggle and strife
Partnering in this journey called life

I see you as a part of me
Writing our own story and making history

I see you in fact
Pleasing you exact

I see you and you see me
Together, forever, for life, we're meant to be

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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Why, Love?

Why, Love?

Of all the things you could have done to me
Took me to places both physical and emotionally

Showed me things in their true form
Old ideas I used to have are no longer the norm

Secrets are shared and no longer will be
Locks are opened and I don't need the key

Water has shed from the wells of my eyes
Spurred on by joy, passion and surprise

The question I have in my mind
Why did Love treat me this time?

Wednesday, March 28, 2012