FULL MOON coming

FULL MOON coming
Reflections & Perspectives

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Just Stand

Sometimes I feel like
I wish this was done, I'm not feeling it, this ain't no fun

Sometimes I wonder when this will pass
Seems like forever, how long does this last

Wish I could fast forward,
just skip to the end
Miss all the parts that get under my skin

Then I wouldn't learn the lessons of life
I wouldn't develop the courage to face strife
My faith in the impossible wouldn't exist
My ram in the bush, I might miss

Just Stand! on principles in this life...
Be strong and of good might,
Pursue to the end and finish the fight,
Love thy neighbor as thyself
Put God first, above everything else

And at the end you will hear
"Well done! My good and faithful one."

- marc4real

Saturday, August 3, 2013


The revolution will not be televised!
Folks too busy,
watching "Housewives"

From Orange County to New Jersey to the ATL
See disrespect, foolishness, and plenty of ignorance as well

What happened to Mrs. Cleaver or Claire Huxtable,
Mrs. Brady and Flo?
Women that demonstrated morals, principles, values, and more

"Survey says"
8 people out of 10,
can tell you which "American Idol" will win...or
Who won "Flava-of-Luv" and when the new season of "Love-n-Hip Hop" begins

Are you paying attention to CNN and other World News?
They saying "America wants world-wide justice, and takes a stance on social issues."

What about their homeless and the 1/3rd that can't read, or
the 1/5th of kids that will be fondled, and sexually abused in need?

More than a third of Americans living below the poverty rate.
More people in U.S. prisons than ANY other country or foreign state!

They building jails based on black boys third grade test scores.
Fewer minorities going to College, than off fighting wars.

Legislation on Same Sex Marriage and Medicinal Herbs,
Shaking up the land, and worrying people's nerves

American's elected a Black President...Two terms in a row
Many folks sad, cuz in 2016, Obama gotta go

"The land of the proud, and the home of the brave"
Only in America, and Egypt, do World Leaders come from former slaves.

Don't take this wrong,
it's not all bad.
Faith in the Almighty is high, from here to Baghdad!

Once again....The revolution will not be televised!
Folks too busy,
watching "Housewives"

- marc4real

Wednesday, July 17, 2013


If we are fortunate, all of us have or have had at least one. 
With fond memories, we hold her. 
In the highest regard, we cherish her.  

She was a trailblazer, a role model who paved the way for the many. 
An encourager, when needed, to all and any. 
She instilled family values, 
valued virtue, and 
declared integrity invaluable. 

Maybe you know her as Nana. She's been called many names like; GaGa, Mi Mi, Grand MaMa, Big Mama, Grandma, Granny, and sometimes Mommy or Momma.

For many she was the mommy and the daddy. 
A tried confidant. 
A proven nurturer. 
A dedicated teacher.  
An upstanding life coach,
and an undoubted true best friend.

She told us the truth about life, love, sex and lore. 
She kept it real. 
Guided by principle, character, pride, integrity and much more. 

According to Webster, she was the matriarch, a female head of family who kept us from falling apart. 
Diligently imparted knowledge and wisdom, and  offered love sacrificially from the very start. 

They say there are seven wonders of the world.
She makes eight. 
Miraculous acts she seemingly performed, always doing the impossible, or making something from nothing. 
Never to life's circumstances did she conform.  
Pushing education and hard work as a must. 
Providing explanations about the difference between love versus lust. 
Commanded respect from you and your friends.  
Expected displays of high self-esteem and reinforced the importance of forgiving sins. 

She had amazing capacity for love and telling the truth. 
No tolerance for B.S. or acting aloof. 
She embraced life fully and gave it her best. 
When it came to foolishness she'd attest,
"ain't nobody got time, for that mess!"

Navigated us through tough conversations and the dichotomy of life. 
Showed us how to deal with struggle and overcome our strife. 

I owe her so, how could I ever repay?
To this question about her I'm sure she would have this feeling...

My child, I love you so much.  
I know times may be hard, but stay the course, and don't be afraid. You are meant to be
the very best you can. 
I love you more 
than you will ever understand. 
I know you will make it 
and when it's over with and done. 
You'll move forward in life 
and there will be another sun. When you face adversity 
it's always best 
to be honest and truthful, 
let God handle the rest. 

We honour her life.
I write ode for her creed.  
As long as her blood lives,
there is no last of a dying breed. You will overcome and through it all, you will succeed. 
Life is short and your very best, the world needs. 


Monday, June 24, 2013

Just Like Daddy

Just like Daddy,
Just like Daddy they say
2Pac wrote a song and the chorus goes that way
What do they accomplish by telling me that?
Are they telling me I am irresponsible, selfish or wack?
Maybe I'm a proud character with integrity in tact
Do I hustle hard , am I a rolling stone?
If I laid my hat in my home, did all I leave 'em was alone?
Surely honor and faith light my path
Trying to live righteous and avoid the wicked path
My focus is on family and I am involved in my child's life
That doesn't give me a reprieve from struggle and strife
I wanna be treated me like a man, better yet a King
I wanna leave a legacy that my child would be proud to sing
Just like daddy, just like daddy they say

- marc4real

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

This Is Harlem

Traveling due East along the Interstate
Speed limit is 70? Wow Indiana, what a state
Cruising along
Singing with the Sirrus satellite radio songs
See the blue disco lights flashing in my rearview mirror
I'm a black man, so parts of me fear a
"Excuse me sir, license and registration please...
You were doing 86 and 70 is the speed."
Damn, I was just getting in the grove I thought
Officer said he sure liked the "shiny" new car I bought
Took the ticket and went on my way
He told me "thank you" and "have a good day"

Now I'm in the Appalachian mountains
Can't wait to reach the Poconos
Closer to the Big Apple
The place with the five Burroughs
Crossing the George Washington Bridge, pay the $15 fee
Are you serious? That's got to be highway robbery

Turn on Lennox ave
See the Apollo as 125th Street I pass
Heading down 116th,
There's the school of Betty Shabazz

Something's different since the last time I was here
No street vendors in Harlem and all races walking with no fear
I see Caucasians jogging and moving around
Brothers shooting ball at Marcus Garvey park
And word is, Sylvia's has gone down
Say it ain't so! Must be the apocalypse
Where's Bumpy Johnson, 3 Card Molly, the Black Poets, the Renaissance artists?

Red Rooster is the restaurant we heard about
Better get there early to get a seat, unless you got clout
Checking it to see what they working with
A European says the chicken is fire, but don't sleep on the shrimp and grits
This is soulfood I thought, how would they know?
Sat at the bar next to a brother with a mini afro
He order chilled asparagus with egg salad
I damn near fell to the floor

I move because our table is ready
Looks like the rainbow coalition in here with United Nations confetti
We sit picnic style with some folks we don't know
Laughing, drinking, telling stories and maybe lies for show
Passing around food to each other saying taste this before you go
By the end of the night, who do we see?
Marc Samuelson, that chef dude on TV
He takes a few flicks
Celebrates with his fans
I talk to the manager Don Johnson
He tells me, "look around, this is Harlem man"


Friday, February 8, 2013

I Celebrate

I Celebrate....
In America I am entitled to it
School did not instruct me thru it
They told me that it's my right
As long as I did it within, a scant 28 days and nights
They call this Black History?
Even more of an anomaly

The Chattel slavers who created this race
Under Royal authority of "Britain the Great"
Journeyed through jungles, sailed the seas 
Passed narrow straights, collected trade fees

Humans, the slaves were not considered to be
But like cattle or sheep, just forms of property
For the slaves that made it
In the Triangle were traded 
Sugar for molasses, molasses for rum, and rum for slaves
Destined to toil the fields, tend the mills, only to end up in graves

On the way to the Middle Passage.............

For 383 years or so, and counting about 12 million souls 
The Diaspora of Blacks from Africa, effects continually unfold
America reaps incalculable profits, in power and prominence, they grow
Broken families, incarcerations, and murders all that Blacks have to show

Starring from a far away distance
You could see the distant look in their eyes
Yearning and gazing longingly, into the oceans of stars and skies
Standing on the Earth that night
Recognizing a celestial point of light 

When out of Africa our ancestors were stolen 
Not despair but fortitude they chose
I gain internal strength from knowing
Out of the concrete can grow a rose

Mentally, I can perceive it
Spiritually, I can conceive it
History, can't be deleted
Victory, we can achieve it

I Celebrate....
In America I am entitled to it
School did not instruct me thru it
They told me that it's my right
As long as I did it within, a scant 28 days and nights
They call this Black History?
Even more of an anomaly

I lift a toast


Sunday, January 13, 2013

Murder Was The Case They Gave Me

Murder was the case they gave me
My parents mostly MIA ghost maybe
Raised by the streets, they paid me
At the public school they degrade me
Tell me I'm ADD so drugs they gave me

Murder was the case they gave me
My pockets was flat so girls, they played me
My homies was in the struggle too so "Fam" they made me
I'm in the jungle now and it be crazy
Can't see thru the fog, the drugs got me hazy

Murder was the case they gave me
A ticking time bomb, real shit...ain't no fugasi
Back against the wall everybody seem shady
There they go flying 9s, Glocks, AKs, and 380s
I thought "Brenda just had a baby?"
Seem like the world done gon crazy
Why is my vision blurry and my mouth pasty?
Cuz my murder was the case they gave me

- marc4real