FULL MOON coming

FULL MOON coming
Reflections & Perspectives

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

This Is Harlem

Traveling due East along the Interstate
Speed limit is 70? Wow Indiana, what a state
Cruising along
Singing with the Sirrus satellite radio songs
See the blue disco lights flashing in my rearview mirror
I'm a black man, so parts of me fear a
"Excuse me sir, license and registration please...
You were doing 86 and 70 is the speed."
Damn, I was just getting in the grove I thought
Officer said he sure liked the "shiny" new car I bought
Took the ticket and went on my way
He told me "thank you" and "have a good day"

Now I'm in the Appalachian mountains
Can't wait to reach the Poconos
Closer to the Big Apple
The place with the five Burroughs
Crossing the George Washington Bridge, pay the $15 fee
Are you serious? That's got to be highway robbery

Turn on Lennox ave
See the Apollo as 125th Street I pass
Heading down 116th,
There's the school of Betty Shabazz

Something's different since the last time I was here
No street vendors in Harlem and all races walking with no fear
I see Caucasians jogging and moving around
Brothers shooting ball at Marcus Garvey park
And word is, Sylvia's has gone down
Say it ain't so! Must be the apocalypse
Where's Bumpy Johnson, 3 Card Molly, the Black Poets, the Renaissance artists?

Red Rooster is the restaurant we heard about
Better get there early to get a seat, unless you got clout
Checking it to see what they working with
A European says the chicken is fire, but don't sleep on the shrimp and grits
This is soulfood I thought, how would they know?
Sat at the bar next to a brother with a mini afro
He order chilled asparagus with egg salad
I damn near fell to the floor

I move because our table is ready
Looks like the rainbow coalition in here with United Nations confetti
We sit picnic style with some folks we don't know
Laughing, drinking, telling stories and maybe lies for show
Passing around food to each other saying taste this before you go
By the end of the night, who do we see?
Marc Samuelson, that chef dude on TV
He takes a few flicks
Celebrates with his fans
I talk to the manager Don Johnson
He tells me, "look around, this is Harlem man"