FULL MOON coming

FULL MOON coming
Reflections & Perspectives

Wednesday, July 17, 2013


If we are fortunate, all of us have or have had at least one. 
With fond memories, we hold her. 
In the highest regard, we cherish her.  

She was a trailblazer, a role model who paved the way for the many. 
An encourager, when needed, to all and any. 
She instilled family values, 
valued virtue, and 
declared integrity invaluable. 

Maybe you know her as Nana. She's been called many names like; GaGa, Mi Mi, Grand MaMa, Big Mama, Grandma, Granny, and sometimes Mommy or Momma.

For many she was the mommy and the daddy. 
A tried confidant. 
A proven nurturer. 
A dedicated teacher.  
An upstanding life coach,
and an undoubted true best friend.

She told us the truth about life, love, sex and lore. 
She kept it real. 
Guided by principle, character, pride, integrity and much more. 

According to Webster, she was the matriarch, a female head of family who kept us from falling apart. 
Diligently imparted knowledge and wisdom, and  offered love sacrificially from the very start. 

They say there are seven wonders of the world.
She makes eight. 
Miraculous acts she seemingly performed, always doing the impossible, or making something from nothing. 
Never to life's circumstances did she conform.  
Pushing education and hard work as a must. 
Providing explanations about the difference between love versus lust. 
Commanded respect from you and your friends.  
Expected displays of high self-esteem and reinforced the importance of forgiving sins. 

She had amazing capacity for love and telling the truth. 
No tolerance for B.S. or acting aloof. 
She embraced life fully and gave it her best. 
When it came to foolishness she'd attest,
"ain't nobody got time, for that mess!"

Navigated us through tough conversations and the dichotomy of life. 
Showed us how to deal with struggle and overcome our strife. 

I owe her so, how could I ever repay?
To this question about her I'm sure she would have this feeling...

My child, I love you so much.  
I know times may be hard, but stay the course, and don't be afraid. You are meant to be
the very best you can. 
I love you more 
than you will ever understand. 
I know you will make it 
and when it's over with and done. 
You'll move forward in life 
and there will be another sun. When you face adversity 
it's always best 
to be honest and truthful, 
let God handle the rest. 

We honour her life.
I write ode for her creed.  
As long as her blood lives,
there is no last of a dying breed. You will overcome and through it all, you will succeed. 
Life is short and your very best, the world needs.