FULL MOON coming

FULL MOON coming
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Saturday, August 3, 2013


The revolution will not be televised!
Folks too busy,
watching "Housewives"

From Orange County to New Jersey to the ATL
See disrespect, foolishness, and plenty of ignorance as well

What happened to Mrs. Cleaver or Claire Huxtable,
Mrs. Brady and Flo?
Women that demonstrated morals, principles, values, and more

"Survey says"
8 people out of 10,
can tell you which "American Idol" will win...or
Who won "Flava-of-Luv" and when the new season of "Love-n-Hip Hop" begins

Are you paying attention to CNN and other World News?
They saying "America wants world-wide justice, and takes a stance on social issues."

What about their homeless and the 1/3rd that can't read, or
the 1/5th of kids that will be fondled, and sexually abused in need?

More than a third of Americans living below the poverty rate.
More people in U.S. prisons than ANY other country or foreign state!

They building jails based on black boys third grade test scores.
Fewer minorities going to College, than off fighting wars.

Legislation on Same Sex Marriage and Medicinal Herbs,
Shaking up the land, and worrying people's nerves

American's elected a Black President...Two terms in a row
Many folks sad, cuz in 2016, Obama gotta go

"The land of the proud, and the home of the brave"
Only in America, and Egypt, do World Leaders come from former slaves.

Don't take this wrong,
it's not all bad.
Faith in the Almighty is high, from here to Baghdad!

Once again....The revolution will not be televised!
Folks too busy,
watching "Housewives"

- marc4real

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