FULL MOON coming

FULL MOON coming
Reflections & Perspectives

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

What's Your Song

Away in a manger
No room for a babe
That's just terrible
Think of all the lives He might save
Then there was a fight that Yolanda was in
She said celebrate
Before you begin
It's not mine
It's the Lord's in fact
Think about it
Then shout about that
What about Vickie
You know the Winans and friends
How I got over
The tale of deliverance
He's a friend and
He watches over me
Come on Jesus,
Walk with me
I been washed
By the blood of the lamb
All my sins are cleaned
Be Grateful,
I am
Father please,
Hear my cry
Why I'm on this Jesus journey
Why don't You stop on by
Though storms may come,
Billows may blow
I won't complain because
I'm safe in His arms I know
You may doubt Him
I never will
His eye is on the sparrow
He watches me still
Great is thy faithfulness
New mercies I see
Thank God for saving me

Written by Marc Christmas

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Pleasure Principle

You can say your with it but not of it
You can say it doesn't matter to you
You can say you have it but not pass it
You can say whatever you want to

I know the principle of pleasure
Is something that we all live for
I know the principle of pleasure
Is worth waiting for

Give it to me
I really want it
Give it to me
Don't hold back
Come on stop teasing this minute
I promise
I won't do that

If not now, when
If no, why
Please, don't make me beg
Stop, before I cry

They say everything that's good to you ain't good for you
I find that hard to believe
Surely the principle of pleasure
Is something we should all receive

Written by Marc Christmas